A perfect symbiosis

The men of the valleys of the Mediterranean Alps are the guardians of a natural heritage that is unique in the world.

This heritage gives us the opportunity to mobilise the cross-border spirit of the men and women who live in this territory to involve them in inscribing the project in the UNESCO World Heritage. This development of human ecology rooted in the history of the site, can also contribute to the future of this territory.
Nature is inseparable from Men. Our candidacy to UNESCO is therefore primarily a challenge and is meaningful only if it has the support of its inhabitants. This site, the only witness of the history of Earth in which man has often left his mark, deserves the highest level of recognition for its heritage.

Inscription on the World Heritage lists is a statement made to future generations: we will preserve this capital for you, in your turn, to enjoy.

Preserving the environment

The candidacy of the Mediterranean Alps is a way to bring French and Italian citizens together on common values, as cross-border solidarity, preservation and enhancement of the environment. The recognition of a territory on an international scale is an advantage that generates a strong sense of belonging in citizens. All stakeholders of the territory: socio-professional, institutional, elected, residents, visitors, have a role to play in this candidacy to create a positive synergy in the territory. Credibility as the legitimacy of this candidacy depend on it.

The ranking of a territory by UNESCO aims to sustainably protect the inscribed property, enhancing its value to the eyes of the world.

The reputation of a listed site attracts visitors from all continents. However, this distinction is mainly to develop quality tourism and sustainable development. As a reflector that ignores borders, this listing generates the economy of the site while ensuring the sustainability of its nature.

Inscription on the World Heritage list reflects a strong desire for recognition for both the universal value of the site and the commitment of the parks and their partners to guarantee its protection and its management at the highest levels required.

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